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Care for Tissue Viability






12 months




after work


The Graduate Program in Wounds “Caring for tissue viability”, promoted by the Nursing School of São José de Cluny, expresses the will and duty of this institution to meet the needs of the society it serves. We assume the unavoidable and social responsibility of promoting knowledge and resources that enrich the look we direct towards the injured person and his family.

Wounds, a phenomenon associated with tissue damage, are a common problem in many institutions around the world, at all levels of care, affecting the day-to-day life and quality of life of patients and their caregivers. The impact of wounds, both on people's quality of life and on a social and economic level (high costs), make this reality a relevant public health problem.

Current health policies, in a context of globalization, make it pertinent to develop domains of competence, for a more effective response to the health needs of populations.

The scenario that affects not only the injured person but also his family and the community in general, alerts us to the responsibility of safe and fruitful care.

Aware that dealing with wounds is extremely complex, the urgent need for multidisciplinary intervention is highlighted, as well as the indispensable contribution of research to optimizing care for tissue viability.

The course aims to train health professionals for the best practice based on scientific evidence and, at the same time, boost research in the area under study.

Course Coordination


Maria Luisa Santos

Female doctor)

Curriculum vitae

Katia Furtado 

Nurse, Specialist in Nursing; PhD student in Nursing; President of ELCOS

Professional Status

Training accredited by the Order of Nurses:

- Assignment of 3.5 Professional Development Credits.

EWMA accredited training

access conditions

- Be holder of a degree in Nursing or legal equivalent or Holder of a foreign higher academic degree conferred following a 1st cycle of nursing studies organized in accordance with the principles of the Bologna process by a state adhering to this process or holders of a foreign higher academic degree recognized as meeting the objectives of the bachelor's degree by the scientific body of the Escola Superior de Enfermagem São José de Cluny

- Hold a Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Medicine

- Hold a professional card or certificate of enrollment in the respective Professional Orders, duly updated

- Have Professional Certificate


Tuition fees >

160 euros (x 10 monthly fee)


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Teaching Team

Bruna Raquel Figueira Ornelas de Gouveia

Teacher; Specialist in Rehabilitation Nursing; PhD in Nursing

Bruno Lisandro França de Sousa

Nutritionist; Master in Clinical Nutrition; PhD in Consumer Sciences

Cátia Jose Silva Neves

Postgraduate in caring for tissue viability; ELCOS coordinator in RAM

Cristina Barbara da Costa Freitas Pestana

Teacher; Specialist in Medical-Surgical Nursing; PhD in Nursing

Emanuel Jaime França Gouveia

Teacher; Specialist in Rehabilitation Nursing; Member of ELCOS in RAM

Filipe Gomes

ANDnnurse; Master in Palliative Care;

Graduate in wound care; Master's student in Community Nursing; Member of ELCOS

Helena Fragoeiro

Family Physician; Master in Palliative Care;

PhD student in Palliative Care; Member of ELCOS in RAM

Helena Maria Araujo Vicente

Nurse; Master and Specialist in Medical-Surgical Nursing (Oncology Option)

Lisbon IPO. Member of ELCOS

Joana Anícia Abreu Escórcio

Nurse; Master in Skin Integrity Skill & Treatment;

Postgraduate in Care for tissue viability; Independent Non-Medical Prescribing. London

Maria Merícia Gouveia Rodrigues Bettencourt de Jesus

Specialist in Medical-Surgical Nursing; PhD in Nursing

Nivaldo Nunes

Doctor; Vascular Surgeon; Member of ELCOS in RAM

Noélia Cristina Rodrigues Pimenta Gomes

Specialist and Master in Medical-Surgical Nursing; PhD in Nursing

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