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Internal Quality Assurance System

The internal quality assurance system is applicable to the entire organic unit of ESESJC. The organization of ESESJC's SIGQ is based on the institutional mission, systematically covering all activities carried out.


The References for the SIGQ of Higher Education Institutions, recommended by the A3ES and according to European standards (ESG 2015), guided the framework of references in the design and implementation of the SIGQ of the ESESJC.


The Quality Manual constitutes an essential reference for guaranteeing the institution's quality, as well as the Planning and Monitoring of the Internal Quality System, which is developed based on the axes defined in the Strategic Plan. For the functioning of the SIGQ, the following documentary support is constituted: Study Plans, Institution's Activity Plan, Planning of Pedagogical Activities of the Year/Course, Planning of Offices and Services, Regulations, Manuals, Procedures, Work Instructions and Forms.

ESESJC identified the following processes as necessary for its Internal Quality Assurance System and for its application to the entire organization: Implementation, Support and Management and improvement.


ESESJCluny's Internal Quality Assurance System has been certified (ASIGQ/14/00016) since 2015 by the Higher Education Assessment and Accreditation Agency (A3ES). Certification was again  obtained for a period of 6 years, the maximum granted by A3ES, in September 2022 (ASIGQ/21/00001).

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