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international students

Responding to the DGES internationalization policy, as evidenced on the Study & Research in Portugal page, Internationalization, at ESESJC, has been an area of paramount importance, due to the wealth of knowledge sharing, methodologies and scientific, technical, linguistic and cultural development . Thus, attracting international students is a fundamental strategic objective for achieving this goal.

Vacancies are defined annually and a competition is opened for access by international students to the Bachelor's Degree in Nursing.

Access Parameters

If you are a foreign student and do not have Portuguese nationality or that of another EU Member State, you can apply for the Degree Course at ESESJCluny.

Access Conditions

Qualifications Required:

- holder of an academic qualification that allows access to Higher Education in the corresponding country, validated by the competent authority of the said country;

- holder of a Portuguese secondary education diploma or legal equivalent qualification;

Entry conditions:

- verification of specific academic qualification;

- verification of prerequisites set for access to the 1st cycle of CLE;

- proven knowledge of the Portuguese language;

Why Cluny?





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