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 My name is Marta Carolina Ruiz Grao (PhD), and I am a nurse and lecturer at the Faculty of Nursing in Albacete (Spain) – University of Castilla-La Mancha. In 2019, my colleague Professor Milagros Molina Alarcón (PhD) and I visited the Escola Superior de Enfermagem S. José de Cluny (Madeira) with the Erasmus+ Program. 

In this school they were able to show us their higher education system in Nursing, their research and the future projectis they wanted to develop.

We could show our research focused on hearing on the child and adolescent population, as well as in other fields developed in our Faculty. Our experience was satisfactory. We were able to exchange new knowledge with our colleagues from Madeira and learn about the health system in Madeira. It also allows the creation of synergies between schools and facilitates the exchange of students.

We also had the opportunity to get to know the interesting and beautiful island of Madeira, its traditions and customs. As well as, its great gastronomy…why not say it?

Marta Grao, Spain

Dilara 2 (1).jpg

Dilara Usta, Turkey

I am Dilara Usta, a Ph.D. student from Turkey at Hacettepe University Nursing Faculty. Erasmus Program provided me the opportunity to participate in the summer practice at ESESJCluny/ Madeira for two months. First of all, visiting such a natural wonder-the dream island Madeira, was a fantastic experience. Meeting friendly people from different cultures - feeling their hospitality, tasting delicious traditional dishes, and -of course- famous Poncha, discovering hidden Levadas, enjoying the beautiful view and the Atlantic, attending phenomenal events spontaneously!

Besides, this program is an excellent opportunity to experience a well-designed health care system. It was great to observe an advanced registration system and testify how nurses are influential and “have a voice.” Moreover, the academic staff at ESESJCluny had provided a well-organized practice experience for me. I worked as part of their project team, and with their improved communication skills, I really felt at home. I would recommend ESESJCluny to anyone looking to summer practice abroad; you will not regret it!

Bensu 2.jpg

Hello ESESJCluny, the best times of my bachelor years...

My name is Bensu and I'm from Turkey. However, you can call me 'Agua' because that's what my name means 'Eu sou agua' in Portuguese. While I was on my way to graduate from my nursing school at Hacettepe University in Turkey; within the Erasmus+ internship program, I went to ESESJCluny which is in a small island called Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean. My first time was in 2018 summer semester (9 July- 10 Sept.) and I loved it so much that I went there for the second time in 2019 summer semester (8 July- 8 Sept.). When me and my team who are also my school mates came to the ESESJCluny, we had such a  warm welcome from the teachers, and they told us what to do for two months Erasmus+ program. They introduced us our tutor nurses in  the hospital, they gave us some tips about what we can do in this lovely Madeira Island.

When we are in hospital, each one of us worked at different departments or even at the same department, but in different teams and shifts so that we could learn how to communicate in Portuguese little bit and we spent so much time with our team members in hospital . We worked hard in the hospital and learned a lot of things from our tutors. I worked in the operating room (OR), emergency room (ER) and surgical clinic in 2018 and at health care center and ICU in 2019. Out of the hospital I did a lot of activities in Madeira, such as I dived with Meros, walked alongside the levadas, visited Desertas Islands, danced at street parties, swam at Porto Moniz, sun bathed at Porto Santo, did coastring at the east of the island and etc... As I said in the beginning, best times of my bachelor years, I did learn a lot of things not just about nursing also about living on my own far away from my country and I enjoyed the island so much too. See you soon my dear Madeira.

Bensu Karacan, Turkey

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