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Under the Erasmus Program I had the opportunity to do two teaching mobilities (University of Nebrija-Madrid and Hacettepe-Ankara). The possibility of knowing the profile of students and professors from two countries with different cultures and confirming that the language of Nursing is universal was fantastic. The reception was fabulous and the network of professional contacts at an international level was a reality.

Merícia Bettencourt, President of the Board of Directors, ESESJCluny

When I took the Erasmus program, I felt how fruitful that type of training would be for my professional career. The acquisition of new knowledge and knowledge based on good practices carried out at the Library of the University of Castilla - La Macha (Albacete Campus) made me consolidate learning, thus improving my level of skills, which were made available to the growth and development of São José de Cluny.

The mobility period, in the context of intensive training, had a detailed plan in which the main objective was to get in touch with the Library of the host institution and, in this way and in particular, to develop general and specific skills in the field of research and treatment documentation in the field of Nursing.

In addition to all the cooperation inherent in the training process, from a perspective of innovation and contact with the activity of another body, I had the opportunity to interact with different people, thus getting to know new cultures and improving my language skills. Seeing other ways of being, of a different society, with particular customs, and even tasting Spanish gastronomy (and how good it felt to me!), was also part of that moment, making the program more interactive and even contributing to the economic growth of that country. I have fond memories of that trip in terms of what I learned and, not least, the people I had the opportunity to meet.

Fábio Ornelas, Head of HR and Administrative Services, ESESJCluny

The ERASMUS+ program for us was undoubtedly one of the best experiences of our lives. The opportunity to come in search of new experiences, discover new cultures, new dynamics and acquire different skills and knowledge is synonymous with daily personal growth and enrichment. Adapting to different habits, customs and cultures makes us perceive what exists around us, and this experience is an opportunity to live with people of multiple nationalities, where social interaction is very important. The development of language skills is undoubtedly a challenge that we set ourselves, managing to improve these same skills more and more. When we remember this experience, the most prevalent feeling is undoubtedly that of nostalgia, longing and the desire to go back. It is extremely rewarding to be able to be in another country and be able to interact with the users we care for as well as the entire surrounding team. Getting to know new working methods, new techniques, different resources so that we can develop insight and reflect on the differences between two worlds, two systems adapted to the population and its needs. The ERASMUS experience symbolizes experiencing great discoveries, challenges, learning, developing inter-relational skills, getting to know new cultures and developing skills in financial and emotional self-management. The challenge of taking risks and discovering things at an early stage can mean fear and discomfort, but as soon as our feet feel another ground, we are consumed by an indescribable feeling of satisfaction and satiety of the desire to discover.

Mariana Nascimento, Mariana Rodrigues, Portugal
Monica e Nuno.jpg

To carry out ERASMUS+ is to reach the highest academic level. This is associated with a set of adaptations, not only professional but also personal.

It is learning to live in another country, with its culture and customs, with its people. But it is also to develop new skills for which we set out, embracing every day, all the opportunities that are offered to us.

With it we can broaden our horizons, assimilating everything that is different around us, also giving our contribution, through our sharing of knowledge and experiences. However, and despite bringing with us a set of previously acquired knowledge and skills, we learn every day to adapt them to the reality of the practical context in which we find ourselves. Because Nursing is just that. It means running after new challenges in order to improve the Art of Caring. Have you also thought about embarking on this adventure? Through it you will be able to learn a new language, travel around Europe, meet people from different ethnic groups and even build new ones 

friendships. The place where you will travel will have reserved for you a set of habits and customs that will enrich you culturally, namely historically, traditionally, gastronomically and even through its art and culture.

Despite all the circumstances we are currently experiencing, the experience we had while carrying out the Erasmus+ Program was undoubtedly very rewarding and profitable, as the fact that we were able to combine our learning with the cultural discovery of the country, made it become the best academic experience during these 4 years.

Monica Santos, Nuno Teixeira, Portugal
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