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Master's in Child and Pediatric Health Nursing






3 semesters






It is the mission of the schools that make up the consortium that proposes this study plan to train  nurses with scientific, technical, ethical and human skills that can meet the demands of the social role that citizens of their region, country and everyone expects them.
The institutions' strategy has included development in the scientific-technological and social domains, in recent years, seeking to develop projects that help in the promotion and adoption of healthy lifestyle habits in childhood. The Nurse Specialist in Child and Pediatric Health Nursing works in partnership with the child and family/significant other, in any context in which they are found (in hospitals, continuous care, health centers, school, community, home), to promote the highest possible state of health, provides care for the healthy or sick child, and provides health education as well as identifying and mobilizing resources to support the family/significant other.

General objectives

Course Coordination

Goretti Marques

Female doctor)

Curriculum vitae


Local Coordination


Olivia Barcelos

Master and Specialist

University education

Curriculum vitae

The)Demonstrate in-depth knowledge and know how to apply it in the area of research and in understanding and solving problems in new situations, in broader contexts related to the area of Child and Pediatric Health;

B)Demonstrate the ability to integrate knowledge in the area of Child and Pediatric Health, deal with complex issues, develop solutions and make judgments in situations of limited information, including reflections on ethical and social implications and responsibilities that result from or condition these solutions and judgments;

ç)Knowing how to communicate conclusions and the underlying reasoning in a clear and unambiguous way;

d)Having developed the skills that allow them to learn throughout life, in a fundamentally self-oriented and autonomous way.

Professional Status

The Master in Child and Pediatric Health Nursing allows the attribution of a professional title of specialist in the area of Child and Pediatric Health Nursing by the Order of Nurses, fulfilling the necessary requirements for the development of common skills of the Specialist Nurse and specific of the Specialist Nurse in Health Child and Pediatric Health, advocated by the Order of Nurses (Regulation No. 422 of July 12, 2018, Diário da República, 2nd series, No. 133), and at the same time, confer the academic degree of Master on those who demonstrate to deepen the knowledge in the scientific area obtained in the 1st cycle of Nursing.

Access Conditions

- Be holder of a degree in Nursing or legal equivalent or holders of a foreign higher academic degree conferred following a 1st cycle of nursing studies organized in accordance with the principles of the Bologna process by a State adhering to that process, or holders of a foreign higher academic degree recognized as meeting the objectives of the bachelor's degree by the scientific body of the Escola Superior de Enfermagem de São José de Cluny
- Be the holder of a professional card or certificate of enrollment in the Order of Nurses, duly updated

- Have two years of professional practice at the time of application

Employability Rate

100% >

Last placed candidate

(on request)

Tuition fees >

320 euros (x 18 monthly fees)

or 262 euros (x 22 monthly fees)


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Teaching Team


Beatriz da Graça Nunes Veiga Edra

(Doctor of Health Sciences)

Bruna Raquel Figueira Ornelas de Gouveia

(Specialist in Rehabilitation Nursing, Doctor of Science in Nursing)

Crisanta Maria Gomes da Silva Leopoldo Portugal

(Specialist in Child Health Nursing and Pediatrics, PhD in Nursing)

Cristina Barbara Pestana

(Specialist in Medical-Surgical Nursing, PhD in Nursing)

Elvio Henriques de Jesus

(Specialist in Rehabilitation Nursing, PhD in Nursing Sciences)

Gisela Sofia Moreira Pires Silva

(Specialist in Child and Pediatric Health Nursing)

Maria de Lourdes Magalhães Oliveira

(Specialist in Child and Pediatric Health Nursing, PhD in Educational Sciences)

Maria Merícia Gouveis Rodrigues Bettencourt de Jesus

(Specialist in Medical-Surgical Nursing, PhD in Nursing)

Maria Olivia Sousa de Freitas Barcelos

(Specialist in Child and Pediatric Health Nursing)

Sandra Rita Pereira Fernandes

(Doctor in Nursing)

Sara Maria Oliveira Pinto

(Specialist in Nursing for the Person in Palliative Situation,

PhD in Nursing Sciences)

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