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Social responsability

ESESJCluny assumes social responsibility in different dimensions with the concern for an education that bets on the full exercise of citizenship with voluntary integration of social, cultural and environmental concerns in its activities, involving other interested parties, candidates, former students, employees, partners of other institutions and public authorities. It is also concerned with teaching and research activities aimed at solving problems and the needs of the community in which it operates and aligned with a development model that favors the promotion of quality of life.


For more than seven decades, ESESJCluny has been contributing to the development and promotion of the quality of health care in the Region and in the country. Its objective is to continue to do so, in a creative way adjusted to the regional and national community and to progressively expand it internationally, in this last aspect, especially in terms of postgraduate and lifelong training.

The interaction with the regional community has constituted a fundamental pillar, evidenced through the projects developed with different partners, guided by a great social responsibility.

With regard to inter-institutional collaboration and with the community, ESESJC intends to continue to promote the implementation of protocols and partnerships, to participate in extension projects at regional, national and international level, having as a guiding principle to promote the articulation of study, teaching, oriented research and professional development in the area of health and nursing. Thus, it will contribute to the human, scientific, technical and cultural development of its members and to regional and national development.

The Observatory of Social Responsibility and Higher Education Institutions (ORSIES), created in 2016, with the support of the State Secretariat for Science, Technology and Higher Education (SECTES) is a collaborative network that aims to promote the social dimension of Higher Education Institutions and promote the exchange of experiences on Social Responsibility policies and practices.

In February 2021, ESESJCluny joined ORSIES, being represented in this Network by Professor Patrícia Câmara.

This network has the following objectives:

  • Strengthen the awareness and civic action of the educational community of HEIs, with regard to Social Responsibility;

  • Develop common, shared actions with a strong social impact of Social Responsibility in/from HEIs;

  • Share methodologies, instruments and good practices;

  • Mobilize other community, national and local stakeholders for cooperation with HEIs for RS

  • Implement diagnostics and national and international benchmarking that allow the creation and development of new Social Responsibility strategies;

  • Develop monitoring and impact indicators around responsibility, valuing both the quantitative and qualitative dimensions.

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