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Social support

Social action in higher education aims to provide students with better study conditions through social responses.
The ESESJCluny Social Support Service is dedicated to ensuring conditions that allow its students to continue their studies, through the provision of services and the granting of support, in terms of scholarships, accommodation, food, contributing to the success of the path training for the most economically disadvantaged students and displaced people.

Scholarships forSTUDENTS

General Directorate of Higher Education

When applying for higher education, students can apply for a DGES scholarship. For this purpose, you must request an access credential.

You can request support for these scholarships from the Student Support Office or at the Academic Secretary of ESESJCluny.

Centennial Maritime Foundation

The Fundação Marítimo Centenário scholarship aims to encourage academic training, creating conditions for the full attendance of higher education, thus fighting against early abandonment.  

To apply for this scholarship, you should contact Fundação Marítimo Centenário. 

Santander Universities

Merit Scholarship

The Merit Scholarship through Santander Universities is a scholarship awarded annually so that the 1st cycle student can do international mobility and not Erasmus +. To receive the scholarship, the student with merit can apply as long as he shows economic needs.

General Directorate of Higher Education

Merit Scholarship

The DGES merit scholarship is awarded to students who have shown exceptional performance in the academic year prior to the award of the scholarship.

Scholarships forNURSES

OSantanderfollow your professional journey!
If you are a nurse and want to invest in a post-graduate, post-graduate or masters course, count onSantander Training Solutionfor this new stage.

Specialized Support Desk

João Tavira counter

Funchal – Santander

(tel: +351 291 146 230

To be able to access the €300 aid from Santander, you just need to be attending  a postgraduate training course or be registered with the Order of Nurses. THEsolution is aimed at nurses who are working and investing in a postgraduate training course, whetherare students from one of the higher education institutions that have established a partnership with Santander, whetherandare enrolled in the Order of Nurses. In addition to the contribution, the Student can benefit from competitive conditions regarding the support of training expenses. At the end of the training, the best student in the postgraduate cycle can be awarded a prize worth €1,000.
ESESJCluny is a partner in this type of support.

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