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Cluny Research and Development Office


The Cluny Research and Development Office (GIDeC) was created by the S. José de Cluny School of Nursing on July 18, 2011, in order to constitute a structure that promotes research and development at ESESJC and its dissemination.

In order to reinforce the dynamism of research of great impact in the scientific community and society, the ESESJC has been improving its organization and respective processes. Thus, it has fostered conditions for the development of research and scientific production of excellence, valuing the potential of each agent involved, from students, teachers and other agents/entities with R&D activities.

Lines of Research

Contextualized by the institution's vision and the recommendations for the Quality of Higher Education in Portugal, as a starting point for the work to be developed, the following four lines of action structuring the Research axis were defined:

- Oriented research and high-level professional development;

- Mechanisms of articulation between teaching and research, namely with regard to students' contact with research and innovation activities from the early years and research carried out by teachers in the teaching areas;

- Mechanisms for transferring and valuing knowledge;

- Procedures for monitoring, evaluating and improving human and material resources allocated to research and development, scientific, technological and artistic production, the results of valuing knowledge and the articulation between teaching and research.

Coordinating Team


Tânia Lourenço

Female doctor)

Curriculum vitae


Bruna Gouveia 

Female doctor)

Curriculum vitae


Rita Figueiredo

Female doctor)

Curriculum vitae

Misare, Vision and Values


The GIDeC hasmissioncontribute to the construction of scientific knowledge in Nursing/Health, of the contexts and systems in which it operates, through the development and dissemination of scientific research.


The GIDeC haseyesightto establish itself as a dynamic and unifying entity for research, including aspects of training, organization and provision of care, at different levels of prevention and throughout the entire life cycle of the person, family and community.


The GIDeC assumes asvaluesguiding its action scientific rigor, truth, intellectual honesty, justice, respect for the dignity, autonomy and freedom of others and responsibility.

Objectives of the GIDeC

Based on the structuring lines of Research recommended in Cluny's strategic plan, the GIDeC aims to:

- Promoting the development and dissemination of scientific research in Health/Nursing and Health/Nursing Education at ESESJC, in conjunction with its training dynamics.

- Promote scientific exchange, cooperation and partnerships with research units, teaching institutions or other institutions with scientific purposes.

- Encourage participation in national and international research projects or research networks.

- Support research projects through consultancy services and applications for funding sources.

- Promoting research training programs.

- Promote the appreciation of ESESJC within the scientific community.

- Contribute to an open science in accordance with the best international practices.


Members of the GIDeC are all full-time or part-time Cluny teachers who are carrying out research, regardless of whether or not they are collaborating members or members of certified Research Units.  


ESESJC students or external elements to the Institution may also be GIDeC collaborators, provided they belong to the research team of a specific research project.

lines of investigation

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