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The Nursing School of S. José de Cluny had its genesis with the arrival in Madeira (1939) of Mother Pedro Tavares, a member of the Portuguese Province of the Sisters of São José de Cluny, from Paris, where she worked at the Pasteur Institute . The Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Cluny is organized in 30 provinces, patents in 57 countries whose activities are visible in the areas of Education, Health, Evangelization and Social Action. ESESJCluny is the only Higher Education Institution governed by that Province, which is its Instituting Entity. 

Cluny is firmly convinced that it has contributed to ensuring that health services in Madeira, Portugal and the world are equipped with professionals with skills suited to the needs of patients and in accordance with the best recommended practices.

ESESJCluny annually celebrates School Day on October 13, the day of its official creation.

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