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quality policy

The Escola Superior de Enfermagem São José de Cluny identifies quality as an elementary competitive condition for the satisfaction of the community in general, assuming an institutional commitment to quality assurance, considered fundamental for its functioning and development.


The school's quality policy is developed based on its mission, vision and objectives, contemplated in its strategic plan. The institution's management and organizational culture involve the stimulation, motivation and participation of the academic community in the discussion and review of quality assurance processes, transversal to all the institution's projects and activities.


The School competes for the permanent search for excellence and reference in the area of training in Health and Nursing in particular, with a quality policy that covers several sectors of intervention.


Student satisfaction, concerned with the quality of teaching and promoting the human, cultural, scientific and technical development of its trainees.

Research, Internationalization and Training 

The systematic articulation between research, internationalization and training in the field of nursing, ensuring that the school is recognized nationally and internationally for its high-level pedagogical activities and professional development.

Employees and Collaborators

The satisfaction of employees and collaborators, with concern for the development of skills (personal, social and technical) of teaching and non-teaching staff, the promotion of motivation and participation, capacity for initiative, teamwork and training.

Quality Strategy

Implementation of an organizational culture that encourages and motivates the involvement of the entire academic community in the discussion and review of quality assurance processes and the establishment of procedures, mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating the Internal Quality Assurance System in a cycle of continuous improvement.

Social responsability

The promotion of Social Responsibility through: - its teaching and research programmes, environmental awareness, a strict economic policy, social support actions for the academic community, contributing to the development of health in the region; - the promotion of partnerships towards the development of cooperation and cultural, scientific and technical exchange with the regional, national and international community, enabling the mobility of students, teachers and non-teachers.

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